The Black Snowmaker Meets The Death Machine

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Salt Album Cover     SALT
      OCTOBER 31ST, 2017

      1. Mistake   1:17
      2. Breadwinner   2:15
      3. Salt   3:06
      4. Never Give Up  5:51
      5. Hit 'em   2:29
      6. The Show   3:54
      7. Hangnail   4:13
      8. In My Heart   2:05
      9. Ether   5:51

      In recording the debut studio album, "Salt", "The Black Snowmaker
      Meets The Death Machine" (BSMDM) insisted the basic tracks for the
      instruments be recorded at the same time with all members in the same
      room. The premise was to document the core sound and life energy being
      put into the music at that particular moment. Not unlike experiencing the
      band during a live performance. Adding to this mentality, the music was
      recorded to analog tape for a warm and imperfect sound.

      Album Credits - Recorded to 2" analog tape by Mike Bardzik. MIxed by
      Mike Bardzik, Christian Kaye and George Katz. Mastered by Jack Endino.

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